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Feed Formulation Dynamics

The feed that is consumed by the animal is first utilized for controlling the internal temperature of the body and then after in the secondary application aspect it is utilized in the energy form for secreting milk. The Global Commercial Feed Manufacturing Industry such fact are discarded to great extent, due to ineffective application Animal Nutrition standards. All such facts are very well considered and required steps for the same are taken at HAF (India).

At HAF feed formulations are dynamic on the seasonal requirement basis, wherein basic seasonal requirement of the Calves is duly considered, which is very essential to sustain productivity during all the seasons. That means an Umbrella in Monsoon, A Jacket in winter and a T-Shirt in summer.


Seasonal Feed Dynamics:

Hindustan Animal Feeds produce feed on seasonal requirement basis, that mean every batch of the feed changes at every four months, which is absolutely based on the seasons. There will be a different feeds for Animals and Birds in Monsoon (Rainy), Winter and Summer Seasons of each year. This will result to a monotonous and uninterrupted growth of the Animals and Birds.


Feed Dynamics – Based on Global Warming:

Due to intense Global Warming Factor, climatologically the global climate facts have reached to anomalous situation. Wherein unexpected extreme rains, snow falls and heat cycles have generated global climatic statistics. These factors have a great impact in Animal and Bird Biology. One cannot change the climatic conditions as well as the species, but appropriately nutrition can be upgraded as per the natural diversities. We Hindustan Animals Feeds, upgrade our entire product line of more than 600 products annually, the feed up gradation process is upgraded to the extent of Natural Tolerance level and Biological Sustainability basis, which is not done by any feed producer of the World.


Feed Dynamics – Based on Geographical Condition:

Its a well known fact that countries in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres have different seasons and exactly opposite of each other. In the same manner countries located on different longitudes and latitudes have different environmental conditions. Also the tropical and arid zones of the world have different scenario. What we mean is a feed that is produced for Indian Consumers is 100% not suitable for Australian Consumers. As at both the places there are different environmental conditions. Animals and Birds are highly responsive towards the local environmental conditions. HINDUSTAN ANIMAL FEED produce feed on the basis of climatic condition basis as well as on environmental responsive basis. A common Broiler Chicken would different for India, New Zealand or Saudi Arabia. We formulate the feed on the basis of geographical location basics. This is the only reason why our feeds are very well placed in twenty seven countries of the world.

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Product Development

Nutritionists at Hindustan Animal Feeds (HAF) conduct Intensive Research and Development Programmes with extensive feeding trials on Animals and Birds of various breeds for several days, in order to formulate a perfectly blended animal feed and poultry feed. We aim to utilize the optimum genetic potential of the Animals and Birds to get the best possible output (in Milk, Meat and Egg Quality/Quantity Perspective) at a given quantity of feed with its adequate bio-applications. Presently we have discovered certain important nutrients required vitally for Animal Nutrition and Poultry Nutrition for excelling optimum quality and quantity performance. Based on these researches, HAF has developed a scientific product line for Manufacturing and Marketing under the registered Trade Mark of ANUPAM brand for various types of Animal and Bird Feeds. In general practice, the evaluation of any animal feed is done on the availability % of Protein, Oil, Fiber, etc. nutrient of the feed and the effective feed utilization factor is ignored, where we strictly consider and follow Feed Utilization Factor which is termed as TDN (Total Digestible Nutrients). As a result of such intensive R&D efforts, we have been able to mark our presence in various worldwide markets.


Product Development Process:

Clinical Test Process (CTP): In the CTP stage each and every situation is in a controlled pattern or in other words a Live Lab Situation. Wherein each and every aspect is checked in different interval and scores of the same are recorded. Tests such as Pre feeding and Post feeding Salivary, Blood, Milk, Urine, Dung, (in livestock nutrition trials) etc are tested at different intervals in a full day during the entire CTM period, which is normally not less than 90 Days. The products formulated at the CTM Stage are handed over to the next team of Nutritionist for Natural Test Process.


Natural Test Process (NTP): Here the CTP approved feed is being distributed to farmers located in different Geographical Locations living at various altitudes. During the NTP phase nothing is under Control, here the farmers have to feed the products as per their pattern for a stipulated period, no scientists or veterinarians visit the site, only the field supervisor go for routine updates. The products are critically tested by the farmers as per their individual practice. No scientific norms are issued or insisted to follow, but just a Natural course of feeding is done. At the end of the NTP, multiple results arrive and related findings are studied. A product quality, on perfect justification is then sent for commercial production process.


Likewise each and every product is formulated in the first stance and then after upgraded to higher quality efficiency from time to time.

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Bio Organic Stimulation Technology

In the fundamental understanding, the Bio-Organic means biologically living. HAF produces its entire product line based on Bio Organic Stimulation Technology; the feed products produced by HAF are 100% Bio Organic Feed. As every organic element has a nucleus (epicenter of all energy forms) in it, which sprouts to further growth. The Natural ingredients such grains, cereals and pulses have a nucleus in it, which makes them to sprout – when planted on land. During any mechanical process thermal energy is released, which transforms an Organic element to Inorganic factor.


Due to active human interferences at various stages in Feed Formulation and Manufacturing processes the finished product in the form of Animal Feed Concentrates attains an anomalous feature in its application perspective. Various Processes such as heat treatments and chemical treatments are highly prevalent in feed manufacturing Industry, which basically degrades the overall natural property of the feed ingredients and transforms the entire product with a new property and line of application. The basic intention behind these processes is to upgrade the quality of the feed, in order to enhance the general productivity of the Animal. But Animal and Birds are part of Nature and the Nature’s bed has appropriate feed for them to survive and excel productivity to its maximum genetic potential.


We at HAF have developed an indigenous line of production (Jet Surface Tension Grinding) wherein the basic size reduction of various ingredients is done in such a sophisticated manner that the natural property of the final feed remains undistorted, the nucleus of the ingredients remains live, which is very essential to supply core latent energy forms to the living animal. The available feed is highly nutritious and absolutely result oriented and that just because of its crude form. Finally, it has been a proved concept that Nature (Living Resources) Feeds Nature (Living Being) – any metamorphosis on feed ingredients, denaturalizes its application and utilization aspect (in Animal Nutrition Perspective). Animal digestive system is made for consumption of Natural Vegetation and its immediate by-products and not the processed value added stuff.


How should you evaluate an Animal Feed?

In general parlance, a farmer evaluates a feed in Protein or Energy Perspective. The important factor of evaluation is either discarded or unknown. This factor is called the TDN (Total Digestible Nutrients) value. The nutrients supplied through the medium of feed has to be effectively digestible. A herd of 7 Calves, is ought to have different digestibility due to different metabolic functioning. In other words how much you feed is not important, but a degree of effective feed utilization is of vital importance. At the end, a feed of any grade can be judged effectively in the post feeding result derivation stage. Many feed producers claim that half cooked feed (or steamed feed) is more digestible, but just think upon that did the calves used to get half cooked feed 200 year back? When the quality of milk was something very high then the existing one. With the help of advanced feed technology improvement in the productivity has been certainly attained but, it does not sustain for a longer time period. Just analyze the genetically modified Agricultural Seeds and the modern Poultry; we got the productivity at the cost of inviting some new form of disease in us. Nature has everything for us in the processed form and further processing the same is surely going to harm the end consumer. It’s just like cooking fruits (apples or mangoes) and consuming, does that have any charm or nutrients from Human Nutrition perspective?

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